Mrs. Bartnicki led fifth graders in creating wonderful 3-D designs in art class. The students took obvious pride in their work and were delighted to share their creativity.
about 1 month ago, Daniel O'Connor
Getting close to finishing the project and proud to show their creations.
Proudly displaying their work.
Having a good time with friends and proud of their work.
This week LVMS National Junior Honor Society students travelled to all of our elementary schools for Read Across America Week. NJHS students took some time to meet with students and spent part of the school day reading their favorite books.
about 1 month ago, Long Valley Middle School
This week's STEM spotlight is on OFRS Fourth Grade students' study on water pollution! Mark your calendar for our STEM Expo '24 & Trep$ marketplace on Sat. March 16 12-2:30pm at LVMS! #WTSSTEM
about 1 month ago, Caralee Gately
STEM Spotlight
This evening our 5th grade orchestra and band performed their spring program to a standing room only crowd, sharing with us the results of their hard work and dedication to making music with their peers. Many thanks to Mrs. Fessenden and our 5th grade performers for an enjoyable evening. Congratulations on your wonderful performance!
about 2 months ago, Flocktown Kossmann School
Yesterday was Wear Green Tuesday and today was Dress Wacky or Wear Wacky Socks Wednesday!
about 2 months ago, Flocktown Kossmann School
This morning our 5th grade band and orchestra performed their spring program for their peers, including our second graders, who came up from Kossmann. They are definitely ready for their performance this evening!
about 2 months ago, Flocktown Kossmann School
At FKS, every class of the Kossmann building has a Buddy Class at Flocktown. This year Kindergarten teams with 4th grade, 1st grade teams with 3rd grade, and 2nd grade teams with 5th grade. Throughout the year the Buddy Classes get together for activities, events, and even lunch. Here are some of our Buddy Classes sharing great books they read to each other for Read Across America Week.
about 2 months ago, Flocktown Kossmann School
Our Wolves kicked off Read Across America Week on Monday with a visit from the members of the LVMS Junior Honor Society to share with us their favorite books. It was great to see so many FKS alumni! Every classroom was visited by a JHS student promoting a love of reading. Many thanks to Mrs. Smith, LVMS JHS Advisor, and Mrs. Conklin, FKS Media Specialist, for their efforts to make this special afternoon possible. Monday was also Wear Red and/or Blue Day.
about 2 months ago, Flocktown Kossmann School
Last Friday, Dr. Mansey visited with our 1st and 2nd graders to discuss the importance of good home dental care and overall dental health. Thank you Dr. Mansey!
about 2 months ago, Flocktown Kossmann School
Dr. Mansey
On Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham Day, OFRS Fourth Graders read to our Kindergarteners in the Library.
about 2 months ago, Old Farmers Road School
Green Eggs and Ham 1
Green Eggs and Ham 2
Green Eggs and Ham 3
Green Eggs and Ham 4
Green Eggs and Ham 5
Green Eggs and Ham 6
LVMS is proud to partner with the Long Valley Junior Women's Club in the running of the annual LVJWC Photo Contest! All students are encouraged to submit photos to participate in the Photo Contest. Submissions are due virtually by April 5th.
about 2 months ago, Long Valley Middle School
LVJWC 2024
Yee Haw! Big shout out to the LVMS Student Council for hosting a great 6th Grade Western Dance!
about 2 months ago, Long Valley Middle School
Due to the power outage at Flocktown-Kossmann School, that campus will be closed today. All other District schools will open following this morning's delayed opening, today Thursday, February 29, 2024.
about 2 months ago, Washington Township Schools
DELAYED OPENING - WEATHER RELATED Thursday, February 29, 2024 Due to road closures caused by heavy winds, district schools will operate on a 2 hour delayed opening schedule today, Thursday, February 29, 2024.
about 2 months ago, Washington Township Schools
Thank you to Mr. Jack Wallace for presenting "Get Out What You Put In" to all of our 6th Graders today. His presentation was inspirational and showed our students the true meaning of Perseverance and Hard work! A special thanks to the LVMS PTA for sponsoring this great assembly.
about 2 months ago, Long Valley Middle School
Jack Wallace
JW Assembly 1
In our 1st grade PTO sponsored program, we welcomed Wallaby Tales! We were visited today by Travis, a chinchilla, a bearded dragon, a skunk, a mama albino wallaby with a baby in her pouch, and an albino python!!!! 🦎🦨🐍🦘 The kids had a BLAST!!
about 2 months ago, Old Farmers Road School
Eyes of the Wild
Eyes of the Wild
Eyes of the Wild
Eyes of the Wild
Cucinella's third grade class presented World Cultures Day on Monday, February 26. Every student selected a country and completed a research project. The final projects were proudly displayed for families and guests in the school cafetorium. Great work, third graders!
about 2 months ago, Daniel O'Connor
Great work, Third Grade!
Each display was unique and filled with interesting information.
The students completed their research in school and assembled their displays at home.
The students were ready to share all the information they learned!
Students on stage greeted families in several different languages.
Happy to display their work!
Last week, 8th Grade Social Studies classes engaged in a simulation activity during their study of different types of governments. Students were given the task to build the tallest, strongest and most attractive free standing tower following the directions of the assigned government type such as a Republic, a Democracy, a Dictatorship or a Monarchy.
about 2 months ago, Long Valley Middle School
The LVMS PTA will be sponsoring the Scholastic Book Fair for all LVMS students 3/5-3/8. All students will have the opportunity to visit during the school day. Online Website / eWallet: Fair ID: 5539487 Parents CLICK HERE to sign up to assist with the Book Fair!
about 2 months ago, LVMS PTA
Book Fair 2024
In preparation for the STEM Expo on March 16, WTSchools is proud to share a STEM Spotlight: Kindergarten Engineers Take on STEM Challenge with Sphero Indi "Coding through Play"! Visit our website for more info: #WTSSTEM
about 2 months ago, Caralee Gately
Coding with Indi Car
Coding with Indi Car
Coding with Indi Car