We are getting so excited for Halloween on Monday at OFRS! We can't wait. See you at the parade!
5 months ago, Old Farmers Road School
Halloween Prep
The Fairmount Fire Company visited with Kindergarten and First Grade Students at OFRS today to discuss fire safety. We learned about the importance of fire escape plans, practicing at home and school, and leaving the house right away. Children got to see and hear about the tools, gear and even inside of the truck!
5 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
Third grade students observe and compare characteristics of seeds and fruit. They discuss how seeds are alike and different.
5 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
fruit and vegetables
The highly engaging and entertaining LEAD U group put on a terrific performance that focused on the importance of thinking for ourselves, handling conflict, recognizing our feelings, and learning how to regulate strong emotions. There was dancing, games, teacher performances, student performances, an actress dressed as a banana and lots of laughter and smiles!
5 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
Mrs. Hawkswell
Lead U
Rock ,Paper, Scissors
We love our WT police officers! Thank you for keeping our community safe!
5 months ago, Old Farmers Road School
Officer Visit
Mrs. Ciccone's first grade class had a very special mystery reader, Sgt. Oranchak. He shared the story of Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathman. Students loved this entertaining story about the importance of safety.
5 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
Mystery Reader
Fifth grade students work with Mrs. Rojas and Sgt. Oranchak to STUFF THE BUS with our schoolwide collections for the LV Food Pantry. We are proud of our students' empathy and generosity and the positive impact they have made for our community.
5 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
Mrs. Rojas
Sgt. Oranchak
5th grade students
Thank you Mr. Backer and Mrs. Radossich for teaching us all about bus safety!
5 months ago, Old Farmers Road School
Bus Safety Presentations
The schoolwide collections for the LV Food Pantry started today and will continue through Friday, October 21st. Please send in the following items. The collection boxes will be by the Office. Thank you so much for your generosity! šŸšŒ Stuff the Bus Grade Level Challenge! āœ… Kindergarten: School snacks āœ… Grade 1: Granola bars/Pop Tarts āœ… Grade 2: Canned fruit (no glass) āœ… Grade 3: Pancake mix āœ… Grades 4 & 5: Toiletries (bodywash, handsoap, shampoo, conditioner)
5 months ago, Old Farmers Road School
Outdoor exploration provides children the opportunity to link understanding of scientific concepts to the natural world. These kindergarten children use their sense of touch, sight, sound, and smell to observe trees.
5 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
Bonjour! Fifth grade students in Mrs. Flanagan's class write letters to their "Friends in France" each Friday.
5 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
Today we visited with the Post "1776" American Veterans Association of Washington Twp. to discuss our upcoming Veterans Day Flag Raising Ceremony. Mark your calendar for 9:15am on November 3rd to join us in honoring our local Veterans. Students have a wonderful plan in place.
5 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
Pete the Cat is popping up around the school to support our month long Respect lessons. Classes will have a special visit from Mrs. Rojas, our school counselor, to discuss the importance of cooperation, respect, empathy and citizenship!
5 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
Mrs. Rojas
It was a School Spirit Day at Old Farmers - CRAZY SOCKS!!! Thank you Bowser for visiting us!
6 months ago, Old Farmers Road School
School Spirit Day - Crazy Socks with Bowser!
Crazy Socks!
Third grade students plan, design, test and modify their "flying machine" models. With persistence, they were able to improve upon their design and participate in an exciting class wide flight simulation.
6 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
Fun at Second Grade Lunch!
6 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
OFRS, WE DID IT!! We've reached our fundraising goal of $17,000 for this weekend's Color Run! Thank you all! See you Sunday 10/2 at 1 pm at OFRS for the Color Run Event! (See our last News post about Bowser getting ready for the big day!)
6 months ago, Ofrs Pto
A walk down the beautiful hallways of OFRS!
6 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
Responsibility Road
Blue Ribbon
student artwork
Mrs. Kerpez is our wonderful Library-Technology teacher at OFRS. She prides herself in learning the genres and books that inspire individual students to develop a love of reading. Her excitement is contagious!
6 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell
Both families and teachers were thrilled to be face-to-face and altogether for Back to School Night! Kudos to our teachers and their fabulous presentations.
6 months ago, Jenna Hawkswell