REMINDER: District Schools will be closed on Monday, January 15, 2024 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Teacher Professional Development.
about 2 months ago, Washington Township Schools
MLK 2024
Due to significant road closures, concern about increased flooding during the day, and out of an abundance of caution Washington Township Schools will be closed today, Wednesday, January 10th. 
about 2 months ago, Washington Township Schools
Due to the flooding expected overnight, district schools will operate on a 2 hour delayed opening schedule tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10, 2024.
about 2 months ago, Washington Township Schools
Due to the heavy rain and flooding expected in our area, all afterschool and evening activities, including aftercare will be canceled for today, Tuesday, January 9, 2024.
about 2 months ago, Washington Township Schools
Thanks to the Cucinella PTO for sponsoring another fantastic event for the students! Students participated in The Brain Show assembly on Friday, working in teams to answer fun trivia questions.
about 2 months ago, Daniel O'Connor
The students were engaged and ready to participate!
Kids were called up in teams.
The group getting ready to get started!
The kids were excited to celebrate their successes!
First-grade students explored coding with Mr. Dauchert! Mr. Dauchert visited all of the first-grade classes this week and engaged the students in his Sphero Indi lesson. The students drew routes and coded how they wanted their Indi cars to drive.
about 2 months ago, Daniel O'Connor
This group put their code to the test...seeing if they could get their car to successfully go from start to finish!
Happily working together!
Each colorful tile directs the car to do something different.  The students have to carefully place the tiles to make the car follow the desired path.
A happy partnership!
Groups at work all over the classroom.
Mr. Dauchert setting the stage.
Proud of the route he was working on!
SAVE THE DATE! An Assembly on Responsible Use of Technology For Parents. January 30, 2024 @ 7:00 pm., Long Valley Middle School.
about 2 months ago, Washington Township Schools
BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING: Thursday, January 4, 2024 @ 7:30 pm Long Valley Middle School - Performing Arts Center.
about 2 months ago, Washington Township Schools
Parties were taking place all over the school on Thursday! Students made many fun crafts with the help of terrific parent volunteers! We wish everyone a happy holiday season!
2 months ago, Daniel O'Connor
Students enjoyed painting with their hands.
There was a lot of joy in this classroom!
Students had a good time making snow globes!
More fun with the craft!
Students in Ms. Van Houten and Ms. Leonard's class showed the different phases of the moon with Oreos! They carefully scraped away the frosting on each Oreo half to show the new moon, the full moon, and everything in between! They enjoyed eating their work at the end too!
2 months ago, Daniel O'Connor
The students were proud of their work!
A great work sample!
Thanks to the 5th Grade Ambassadors for all their great work this past trimester! We celebrated them with a bagel brunch Thursday morning!
2 months ago, Daniel O'Connor
Smiles all around!
Bagels and hot chocolate for everyone!
They enjoyed each other's company!
The kids had a great time!
REMINDER: District Schools will dismiss early Friday December 22 and Schools will be CLOSED Monday, December 25 to January 1, 2024 for Winter Break. Schools will reopen January 2, 2024.
2 months ago, Washington Township Schools
Winter Break
Thanks to the PTO, Cucinella students spent the week doing some holiday shopping for family and friends! Every class had a chance to visit the holiday shoppe in the gymnasium. Excitement was high!
2 months ago, Daniel O'Connor
Pleased kids with their bags full of presents!
Looking around for some good gifts to get!
So many caring volunteers contributed to the success of this event!   Here are some parent volunteers helping excited kids check out!
There were so many gifts!
The students in Mrs. Spano's third-grade class displayed their creativity with this fun arts and craft project. They made ugly sweaters and wrote descriptive paragraphs to tell more about them!
3 months ago, Daniel O'Connor
Everyone's ugly sweater was turning out to be a little different.
They had a great time being creative!
Proud of her hard work!
Fifth-grade students performed in a vocal concert for the whole school on Thursday, December 14! There were lots of smiles and singing along. It is certainly a very special time of the year! The fifth-graders will also perform for their families Thursday evening.
3 months ago, Daniel O'Connor
The fifth-grade students performed for the whole school on Thursday.  The audience loved it and even started singing along!
The fifth-grade students will also have a chance to perform for their families Thursday night!
The fifth-grade students got down from the stage and stood in the audience to lead a sing-along!
BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING: Tuesday, December 12, 2023 @ 7:30 pm Long Valley Middle School - Performing Arts Center.
3 months ago, Washington Township Schools
Please take a moment to read this week's version of Cucinella's Weekly Wrap Up. Click here to read:
3 months ago, Benedict A. Cucinella
Cucinella Weekly Wrap Up  #14
Third-grade students in Mr. Mauro's class had a blast coding and using their Sphero Bolts with Mr. Dauchert today. Mr. Dauchert joins all the third-grade classes for this fun, hands-on activity. The students love this exploration of robotics!
3 months ago, Daniel O'Connor
Hard at work coding!
The students can control the direction of their Sphero Bolts travel by making adjustments on their computers.
Mr. Dauchert in action,  supporting the students!
The kids coding on their computers.  The can make designs appear on the Sphero Bolts and control the directions they travel in.
The Sphero Bolts ready to go!
On Friday, our 2nd Grade students participated in our yearly Colonial Day festivities. Students and their parents got a little taste of what life was like during colonial times through various activities such as making crafts and handmade butter. Thank you to our amazing teachers for making this day a huge success!
3 months ago, Christopher Perruso
Butter making
Colonial Day
Craft time
Handmade dolls
Colonial Day
Cucinella students have been enthusiastically participating in mindfulness activities led by volunteer Sue Murphy. Ms. Murphy empowers the students, reminding them that they are in more control than they may think. Exercises, deep breathing routines, and fun games are highlights of Ms. Murphy's visits!
3 months ago, Daniel O'Connor
Passing the ball around to friends in a game emphasizing group effort!
A thoughtful discussion about the value of hard work and practice.
A group activity emphasizing flexibility.