The kindergarten team at OFRS is so excited to share our culminating project for our first curriculum unit: My School & Me.

After using the big book, School Days, as our focus text we worked in a collaborative Google Slide deck to create our own book about school experts. Here's how it worked:

  • A Google slide deck was created with a background photo on each slide of different places in the school.
  • 3 different school experts were placed on the side of each slide. Children worked together to determine which expert belongs in each place. We moved that image onto the slide.
  • They did a pair/share and we decided on the text for each page as a class
  • Each of our three kindergarten classes was responsible for 2-3 pages of the book
  • Children discovered how people can collaborate in a digital space at the same time! They were excited to see changes happening in real time as we each contributed to the book :)
  • Completed slides were moved over for publishing in Book Creator
  • The digital book was shared with families for reading at home

School Days at Old Farmers Road School

We hope you enjoy our celebration of many of the school experts at OFRS! (The selected experts were those that appeared in the original book, of course there are so many others that make our experience together so special :)