Grade 3 Rosie Revere STREAM Activity

After reading the book, Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty, the 3rd grade students were asked to demonstrate their understanding of the Engineering Process by building a flying machine for Rosie Revere. The engineering Design Process includes:

Ask: Define the problem 


Imagine: Brainstorm 

                  Many possible solutions

Plan: Choose one plan

           Draw it!

           Materials list

Create: Build it!

               Test it!


Improve: Find failure points


The criteria that the flying machine had was that it must have wings and be designed so that Rosie does not fall out. The constraints included time and the following materials:

6 pipe cleaners

4 large popsicle sticks

1 piece of construction paper

Rosie Revere cutout


2 feet of tape

After building their flying machine, the students tested it on a zipline to see if it could travel all the way down. After discussions and repeated trial and error, all students were successful!