Grand Parent Power

Do you know what Grandparent POWER is?  Grandparent POWER is a school wide community service initiative at Old Farmers Road School that matches senior volunteers to a teacher. Senior volunteers are assigned a specific homeroom and report to school to serve under the teacher’s direction. Grandparent POWER volunteers preferably visit 1 day a week (1 hour +/- visit). A volunteer’s role in the classroom would vary depending on their level of comfort and the teacher’s needs. Volunteers may simply listen as children read to them. Some may work under a teacher’s direction during a center activity, while others may assist in the library or art room.

Do you know a senior who would make a great fit for this program? Someone who is able to make this commitment to our students and teachers? Someone who is flexible and willing to give their time and talents? We hope you give this some thought, as intergenerational learning environments can be a true win-win for all parties involved! Grandparents should contact Mr. Ciulla at to sign up.