PTA Color Run

Register for the Family Color Run Fundraiser!

The PTA is hosting a Family Color Run as our next school fundraiser!  The fundraising kicks off the week of 9/12, followed by a 5K Color Run event on 10/1 at the LVMS Back Field at 11 a.m.. All students can participate, and you may register here to start collecting donations. (Our school identifier is 62c436b76987f). Details on the 10/1 race day, will follow.

Everyone who registers will get a prize and ongoing prizes will be revealed as we go, getting better and better! We will have prizes for the following categories: individual, reach a goal prizes, top homeroom, top grade and top individual prizes.

This will be the PTA's biggest fundraiser of the year with a goal of $25,000. Contact Michelle Els, or Chris Satmary, with questions or to volunteer.