Students at the STEM Carnival

On Thursday April 13th, our 4th, 2nd, and Kindergarten students participated in the 2nd Annual STEM Recycle Carnival! This event was the brainchild of our STEM PLC team members led by Mrs. Amy Casha last year. Now the 2nd and 4th grade teams have taken this event to new heights. These teachers inspired a cooperative STEM experience in which our 2nd and 4th grader students created carnival games from 100% recyclable materials! The 4th grade students used this opportunity to mentor and teach their 2nd grade counterparts about physics and the engineering design process. After creating and assembling their games, our kindergarten students were then invited to play their games and win prizes. The students did an impressive job working cooperatively to build a carnival their guests would never forget! Congratulations to all involved for a wonderful job!