Hello Cucinella Families,

Last Tuesday, February 28th, was Rare Disease Day. It is an international event geared towards raising awareness about many diseases that affect people around the world, even some of our students here at Cucinella. Rare Disease Day raises awareness for the 300 million people living with rare disease around the world and their families and carers.

The long-term goal of the Rare Disease Day campaign is to achieve equitable access to diagnosis, treatment, health and social care and social opportunity for people affected by a rare disease. Rare Disease Day is the opportunity to advocate for rare diseases as a human rights priority at local, national and international level as we work towards a more inclusive society.

Due to last Tuesday’s snow day, please join us in recognizing the event this Monday, March 6th. We encourage you to wear blue, green, pink, purple, or zebra patterns, all colors that represent the rare disease movement.  

For more information about the day, why it's celebrated, and what you can do to help raise awareness, click here.