Governor's Office Issues Mask Clarification to NJ's School Districts (6.8.21)

June 8, 2021 

I understand that there has been some discussion here in our school community (and rightfully so) regarding mask wearing following Governor Murphy's sudden announcement yesterday via Twitter. Earlier today, school districts received clarification from the Governor's Office via email and I am happy to report that our school district's interpretation of the now infamous "Tweet" was spot on. Here's the statement Trenton issued this morning: "Masking protocols outlined in Executive Order No. 175, which are aligned with current CDC recommendations, remain in place. The Order includes an exception to masking requirements outdoors during periods of extreme heat. Additionally, the Order includes an exception to masking protocols in situations where wearing a mask would inhibit an individual’s health. Please be advised that the Governor has clarified that this indoor masking exception could reasonably be applied to situations in which a district determines, at its discretion and based on its assessment of the individual circumstances, that a period of extreme heat warrants students and staff to remove their masks while indoors to protect individual health. As always, unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to continue wearing masks while participating in activities that include sustained contact with others, or when in a crowded setting."

Please note that your Washington Township Schools will continue to adhere to Executive Order #175 and to make exceptions when warranted based on daily temperature forecasts and indoor conditions during the final days of the children's school year. In the meantime, please continue to send your child(ren) to school with a mask. Rest assured your children will be well cared for while under the care and supervision of our esteemed faculty and staff.

Jeff Mohre
Superintendent of Schools