Communication for faculty & families - Mask Wearning

June 7, 2021 

This afternoon school districts received a "tweet" authored by Governor Murphy which will provide WTS greater flexibility regarding indoor mask wearing. As a result, WTS will alter the mask requirement beyond its current mask break practices due to the warm weather forecasted for tomorrow (Tuesday June 8th) and Wednesday, June 9th. This will permit the removal of masks in the form of extended mask breaks inside any uncomfortably warm classrooms while still honoring physical distancing guidelines. Masks will still be worn on school buses as physical distancing is not always possible. Although masks are still required per New Jersey Executive Order, WTS will continue to make exceptions when warranted based on daily temperature forecasts during the final days of the children's school year. In the meantime, please continue to send your child(ren) to school with a mask as the exceptions granted to school districts are, currently, specific to warm indoor temperatures.