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Local Scouts Enhance OFRS Grounds

Former OFRS student and West Morris Central Senior Doug Krentz has been working on his Eagle Scout Project at OFRS this summer, Kindergarten Outdoor Classroom Enhancements. Doug is the son of Vitina and Doug Krentz. The kindergarten outdoor classroom is located in the front of the school, near the “pod’ area.  Not to be confused with a playground, the best way to describe an outdoor classroom is a learning environment that is outside. It is important that outdoor environments be as richly and thoughtfully equipped as indoor ones. Doug’s Eagle Scout Service project came to fruition through old-fashioned networking in the community. He consulted with the kindergarten teachers: Mrs. Twomey, Mrs. Pfeiffer, and Mrs. Kuhles. From that dialogue Doug developed a proposal to enhance the existing OFRS kindergarten outdoor classroom. Doug‘s proposal included a stage for students to perform on, as well as a clean spot for them to sit or work on projects.  Doug is also working on kid size “conversational benches” and regular benches. These elements fit nicely into the broader outdoor classroom vision for the space as they open up possibilities to bring learning outside for all content areas. OFRS encourages proposals from Scouts preparing for their “Gold Award” or “Eagle Scout Service Projects”.

In 2015, scout Alex Hanington, son of Carolyn and Robert Hanington, worked on refurbishing the school garden.  In addition, we currently have various brownie and scout groups that have shown community pride by beautifying the school with the addition of birdhouses, benches, as well as the regular maintenance and upkeep of flower beds and the garden. We love our school and hope to hear from more scouts in the future who wish to enhance the learning environment at OFRS!  ~ Mr. Ciulla

sign outdoor classroom

 Doug and his Dad working on Platform

Pictured: Doug Krentz and his dad.

Doug and his dad

Working on platform

close up working on platform

platform  outdoor classroom

outdoor classroom 2


Garden Alex

2015 Eagle Scout Garden Project - pictured Mr. Ciulla and Alex Hanington