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Bowser is Back!


As we celebrated the 50th year of Old Farmers, we learned more about our past. In September of 2015 we invited former OFRS teachers, bus drivers, aides, and administration to a 50th year celebration kick-off event.  At that time, Mrs. Nancy Evans, a former OFRS head teacher, shared a story about a beloved unofficial school mascot, a Basset Hound named Bowser. Below is an excerpt from her speech:

“ … It was in the 1970’s that OFRS found a wonderful friend. He loved to come to school! He didn’t ride the bus, he walked here. He couldn’t talk, he could only howl or bark. He had a furry coat and very long ears. He had a sad face that made everyone smile. He belonged to a family who lived next to the school. It was Bowser, the Bassett Hound. Bowser would find an open door and wander up and down the hall or go visit a kindergarten room. In the middle of a lesson, you might hear him howling outside your door. When they began the 1979 additions, the workmen bought him a yellow hardhat which they often strapped on his head. When they were pouring the concrete for the gym, Bowser walked through it. We had to send him home for a bath. His stomach and his ears were covered in concrete. Bowser was a part of your history! We even had a Bowser flag for the front of the building…”

After hearing that bit of OFRS history, a group of parents, Mrs. Czarniawski, Mrs. Holland, Mrs. Trudell, and Mrs. Wolske, approached me with the idea of honoring our past and changing our school mascot from the Bear Cub to Bowser. It made perfect sense, I was on board! Mrs. Trudell designed our new logo and a plan was hatched to introduce Bowser to the students as our mascot. On November 25, 2015 we announced the change to students. Mrs. Nancy Evans was on hand as well another surprise guest… Bowser! We had a real Basset Hound make an appearance! Mr. White provided a video tribute. The kids cheered!  ~ Mr. Ciulla

Mr. C and Bowser