Mrs. Hayes Morning Meeting

Students in grades Kindergarten through Third Grade are starting their day in a new way. It’s called Morning Meeting and it is a daily opportunity to build community, set a positive tone, increase excitement about learning and improve academic and social skills. First thing each morning, or as soon as the schedule allows, students gather in a circle with their teacher and greet one another in a friendly manner incorporating eye contact and active listening skills. Students share interesting news with one another and listen and respond by formulating respectful questions that build relationships and connections amongst their peers. After sharing, students participate in an activity that promotes cooperation, team building and problem-solving skills. We close the Morning Meeting by doing a shared reading of a morning message that prepares students for the day ahead. By setting aside time for a morning meeting each day, we are sending the message that each student is an important member of our class and school community who is valued, seen and heard. Ask your child about their experiences with Morning Meetings at school!

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