Clubs and Activities


2023 - 2024


In keeping with our middle school philosophy, the Board of Education believes that the educational goals and objectives of the district are best achieved by a diversity of learning experiences, some of which are more appropriately conducted outside the regular classroom program. These activities expose students to a wide variety of experiences that may or may not have been explored previously. Participation provides an opportunity for the development of self-esteem through positive experiences in non-academic school settings. Extracurricular activities also serve as a link between academics and socialization. Peer interaction and relationships as a team or club member develop a sense of responsibility and commitment through dedicated participation.

A club participation fee of $50.00 is required.  

Clubs and Activities Participation Form

Participation Fee will be required to be paid once a student has joined the club.  

Please contact specific club advisors (listed below) with any questions or concerns.


Blue Band Director 

(7 / 8 Grade)

Mrs. Oppel 

Music Production

Mr. Forrestal 


Mrs. Oppel 


(7 / 8 Grade)

Mr. Forrestal

Fall / Winter Drama


Spring Musical

Mrs. Oppel 

Gold Band Director

(6th Grade)

Mrs. Oppel

Rock Band

Mr. Forrestal

Jazz Band

Mrs. English 

Stage Crew

Mr. Forrestal

Modern Dance

Mrs. Michalopoulos / Mrs. Pinto / 

String Ensemble

(6th Grade)

Mr. Forrestal


Art Club / Art Workshop

Mrs. Clark 

Robotics Club

Mr. Kasper 

Cooking Club 

(6th Grade)

Mrs. Carkitto 

Student Council

Mrs. Abbate, Ms. Zajac

Destination Imagination

Mrs. Bohrer 

Spanish Club

Mrs. Ezeta 

Forensics Club

Mrs. Smith 

Technology Club

Mr. Ferrante

Free 2 Be Club

Mrs. Hollman 


Ms. Pickard & Mrs. Walsh


Mr. Ferrante, Mrs. Melda

Yearbook Club

Mrs. Burke & Ms. Denny / 

National Junior
Honors Society

Mrs. Smith 


Chess Club

Mr. Ryan 

Ski Club

Mr. Inskeep, Mrs. Ressland, Mrs. Sansevere / / 

Intramural Sports Fall 

Mr. Petty & Mr. Schlesinger / 

Volleyball Club

Mr. Petty 

Intramural Sports Spring

Mr. Inskeep & Mrs. Werneke / 



Listed Alphabetically

Blue Band (7/8) The Blue Band will play at the holiday and spring concerts. The students will rehearse and perform popular and contemporary music.  Blue Band is held on Tuesday mornings at 7:45 in Room 43. 

Chorus (6-8) In chorus, the student is given the opportunity to gain lasting enjoyment of music, to discover how to work effectively for and with others, and to appreciate the importance of the individual in the success of the group. Time will be spent on teaching the fundamental rules of diction as well as on reading individual voice parts. In addition, the primary techniques of performance are taught. Chorus will provide an opportunity for pianists to gain accompaniment skills and will offer opportunities for vocal soloists. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade choruses are offered.  Chorus Club is held in Room 43 on Wednesday mornings at 7:45. 

Gold Band (6) All sixth grade band members will perform during the December and May concerts. The students will learn to play in a large group as they progress as musicians. Gold Band meets on Thursday mornings at 7:45 in Room 43. 

Jazz Ensemble (6-8) The Jazz Ensemble will play at the spring concert and other special programs during the year. The students rehearse and perform jazz, rock, and popular songs of today. Auditions are not necessary.  All grades and instruments are welcome to join. Jazz Ensemble will begin in December on Friday mornings at 7:45 in room 43.  Please contact Ms. English for more information.

Modern Dance (6-8) Students work together to put on a performance for peers and parents. Students must try out, and it may be necessary to have cuts due to over enrollment.   Modern Dance is held in the North Gym, South Gym or the PAC (depending on availability) at 3:30 beginning in November.  

Music Production & Podcasting Club (6-8) This club provides an opportunity for students that are interested in creating computer music (pop, rap, hip-hop, r&b, or electronic), learning to record music, or are interested in podcasting. Students will have the opportunity to work with live musicians and professional equipment. No prior experience is necessary. Learn how to use digital audio workstations like Pro Tools or Logic; create your own mixes from professionally-recorded tracks; record yourself; and get hands-on experience that lends itself to future careers in the music industry! 

Orchestra (7-8) The purpose of the seventh and eighth grade orchestra is to introduce instrumentalists, with experience, to more advanced full orchestra and string orchestra concepts of ensemble rehearsal and performance. The orchestra plays in a winter concert and a spring concert. 

Stage Crew (6-8) Stage Crew (or Running Crew) is the club that supports the technical aspects of the theater productions (Winter Drama, Spring Musical, Concerts, etc.)  Stage Crew members will learn how to assist the various technical operations of performing arts at LVMS.  

Spring Musical Club (6-8) This club is open to all students. It is a musical theater club. Students will learn acting techniques, choreography, movement, staging, make-up, and technical direction. Students will participate in an adapted musical to be staged for parents and friends. It will be necessary for students to audition for parts in the production. This club starts in January.  Rehearsals are on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 5:00 pm.

Rock Band (6-8) This club is for students of all grade levels that are interested in meeting other students and playing rock, metal, punk, or alternative music! This club is open to guitarists, bassists, drummers, singers, keyboardists, and any other instrumentalists interested in these genres. No auditions are necessary, but it is recommended that students have a basic understanding of tablature (for guitarists and bassists) and drum notation. Jam on covers of songs, or write your own music! 

String Ensemble (6) This club is open to all 6th grade Orchestra students.  This club is designed to work on basic skills of Orchestra playing and to help students prepare for their seasonal concerts.  


Listed Alphabetically

Art Club/Workshop (6-8) Art Club is for anyone that enjoys creating art. Projects include large scale murals and decorations for school concerts and recitals. Students also experiment with new art materials and work collaboratively and individually. Due to high enrollment, Art club is usually broken into fall and spring groups. Art Club is held on Wednesdays in Room 105 from 3:30 – 4:30.  

Cooking Club (6th Gr.) The Cooking Club is an after school program designed to give sixth graders an opportunity to develop or tweak their kitchen skills.  During the Cooking Club, we will be making snacks that can safely be made with little or no adult supervision.  This is a great time to learn some new recipes to dazzle your friends and parents. Cooking Club will be meeting with students in Room 42 from 3:30 – 5:00 Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The first week of October until 4:30 PM.   Registrations are a first come first served basis.  There is a $50 participation fee plus $10 for additional supplies.

Destination Imagination (DI) is a problem solving competition team. DI challenges students to think creatively and use their imagination to design a unique solution to a multi-tiered STEAM challenge. We have two teams of  students from grades 6th through 8th.  The competition is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators, leaders and creative problem solvers. An informational meeting will be held in September.  For more information email or visit  Mrs. Bohrer’s Oncourse page.

Forensics Club (6-8) Forensics, or the art of public speaking, is a very prestigious club. Members of the Forensics team compete in county tournaments in Oratory, Declamation, Impromptu, Prose Interpretation and Poetry Interpretation events. Forensics teaches lifelong skills in public speaking and prepares students for high school and beyond. Mrs. Smith meets with the Forensics Club in Room 20.  Please listen to the morning announcements for upcoming meetings. Meetings will be scheduled before and after school.  

Free 2 Be Club (6-8) is a club where everyone is Free 2 Be!  Our School's Gay Straight Alliance is open to ALL students, allies included!  This club will support students' efforts to raise awareness and acceptance within our school community.  We will be meeting before school, every second and fourth Monday of the month.  Please contact Mrs. Hollman or visit the Guidance Office for more information.  

LVMS LIVE! Join LIVE and be a part of the exciting school wide broadcast of LVMS news.  This club produces a news style broadcast that is presented to the entire school.  Members will have an opportunity to present relevant news stories, film school events, interview individuals, create and edit videos for broadcast and be on screen.  All aspects of a news production are involved, so consider joining today! Please email the club at or visit our website at for more information.  

National Junior Honor Society – The purpose of this chapter shall be to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students.  Membership in this chapter is an honor bestowed upon deserving students by the faculty and shall be based on the criteria of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character and Citizenship. Forms for acceptance into the NJHS are found on the school website, with an induction of new members in March. Yearly dues for membership, $25.00 for the NJHS, are due in March. Meetings are held monthly during the school day with special meetings before and after school as needed.  Once admitted into the NJHS, students are required to maintain their cumulative grade point average of an A- or 90%, participate in the group service project, and continue to work on individual service projects.  Announcements will be made for the dates students will be meeting.  A REMIND will be sent to inform students and teachers of these dates.  Contact Mrs. Smith for more information.


Robotics Club (7-8) Stretch the limits of LEGO MindStorms, Robotics, and VEX Robotic Systems by focusing on engineering and programming tasks. Students will immerse themselves in the process of designing, constructing, and programming robots. Using Bluetooth technology, their mobile devices, and mobile apps, they can connect their devices which opens up additional features to explore. Robotics Club meets on Friday mornings at 7:45.   Sign-ups should begin at the end of September with our club beginning to meet in October. 

Student Council (6-8) The Student Council is an organization through which the students may express their opinions and participate in the management of school enterprises. The Student Council tries to promote leadership, initiative and self-control among its members. Each year a president, vice-president, treasure, and class representative is elected to carry on the work of the council. It is the duty of the representatives to bring to the council's attention complaints and suggestions from their classmates and to take to their homerooms the actions of the council. In order to meet the needs of this club, Student Council will meet throughout the year in the PAC during the school day. Announcements will be made for the dates students will be meeting.  A REMIND will be sent to inform students and teachers of these dates.

Spanish Club (6-8) Students are given a chance to explore Spanish culture through opportunities not regularly offered in the class. Students also work to promote cultural awareness within the school.  

Technology Club (6-8) The Long Valley Middle School Technology Club offers students opportunities to explore emerging educational, professional, and recreational technologies such as drones, virtual reality, coding, rocketry, and Chromebook repair. The focus of our club has the potential to be student driven, giving us the opportunity to explore a variety of technology interests our club members bring with them. Please contact Mr. Ferrante for more information.

TREP$ (6-8) TREP$, short for enTREPreneur$, is a project-based learning program that teaches kids how to start their own businesses. TREPS includes six workshops to learn the dynamics of running a business and then culminates in a public Marketplace held here at LVMS on March 16, 2024, where you will sell your product for profit. Meetings will be held on Thursdays starting in January.  This club is open to all LVMS students. 

Yearbook Club (6-8) Yearbook Club provides our middle school students with an opportunity to assist with the layouts, sales and design of the yearbook. Yearbook Club meets every other Monday at 8:00 AM in Room 35 (Mrs. Burke's Room).  


Chess Club (6-8) LVMS Chess Club is for students who enjoy playing or would like to learn to play chess.  Chess club meets on Monday mornings at 7:45 in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Intramural Sports (6-8) A variety of activities, games and friendly competitions will be available after school throughout the year (both indoor and outdoor).  Students will receive a schedule of the days intramurals will meet.  There is a session of Intramural Sports in the Fall, as well as the Spring.  Registration is on a first come first basis.  

Ski/Snowboard Club (6-8) This club promotes self-reliance and learning to control oneself within a large group. Skiing/snowboarding is an individual sport and each individual can achieve his/her own level of competence. In addition to the LVMS participation fee, there are additional fees to fund the trips.  Bus transportation is provided to and from the ski resort. Club members pay for transportation, lessons, teacher chaperones, insurance and rental charges.  Ski Club fees will be announced later and will depend on the ski club plan selected and anticipated participation.

Volleyball Club (6-8) Volleyball Club is open to students 6-8 that are interested in, like, or want to become more skilled in Volleyball.  The club meets after school and focuses on developing skills, no matter what the participants ability is.  Students will practice in drills to enhance skills, as well as learn the rules of the game.