Committee Roster

  • Patricia Ruiz Villaverde, Parent
    Kelly DeMayo, Parent
    Paul Prata, Parent 
    Renee Puglisi, Parent 
    Jennifer Moore, Parent
    John Sheppard, Parent 
    Nancy Braithwaite, School Nurse
     Kelly Bruno, Teacher
    Patti Ressland, Teacher
    Dave White, Teacher 
    Joe Ciulla, Principal 
    Al DiGabriele, Board of Education 
    A.J. Whitmore, Facilities Manager
    Liz George, School Business Administrator 
    Jeff Mohre, Superintendent 


    Committee Charge: The charge of the task force is to explore, identify and make effective, proactive recommendations to the Board of Education for environmental improvements at Old Farmers Road School; improvements that could also be applied across the district as appropriate.

Meeting Agendas and Summaries

Information and Resources