Drop Off Procedures

  •  AM Drop-Off Procedures

    • If you are dropping students off prior to the arrival of our busses, (Between 8:00 – 8:25 am) you may do so at the front of the building by the main entrance. Students may not arrive prior to 8:00am unless they have made specific arrangements with a teacher.

    • If dropping off a student after 8:25, students must be released in the gravel lot.  Our LVMS staff members will be situated within the lot and crosswalk to oversee the safety of students once they have exited cars.  Please adhere to the traffic pattern for the safety of our students and staff.   Please note that your exit will have you traveling through the crosswalk that students will use to access the school sidewalk. Please use extra caution as you make your departure.

Dismissal Procedures

  • PM Pick-Up Procedures

    • Parents should follow the same traffic pattern as the morning procedure, when picking up students. Please form an orderly line in the gravel lot until students have been released for departure.
    • Once all busses have departed LVMS, students will be escorted to the crosswalk for release. At that time, parents can exit the gravel lot and pick up their students at the corner.  Please do not pull to the side doors unless directed to do so.