OnCourse Connect

  • In an effort to cut down on paper, you will be able to access most of your child's school information online via OnCourse Connect.

    Once you log on, you will be able to view your child's Academic History (Report Cards), Attendance, Transportation Information, Homeroom Assignment, Guardian Information, and School Announcements, etc.  

    We know that people's phone numbers, email adresses, and emergency contacts may change, so please make sure the information is current.  

    The website for OnCourse Connect is:   www.oncourseconnect.com

    You will need your Connect User Name (sent to you via District Correspondence)  and the password you created.  Please keep login and password on file for future use.  

    If you have more than one child in our district, you will be able to access another child using the drop down arrow under your name in the right hand corner of the screen.  

Testing Programs


    On an annual basis, the district administers the NJSLA test for Grades 3, 4 & 5,  the CogAT Test for Grades 2 & 4 and the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) for Grades 1 & 2 in the Fall and Spring. 


    2020 – 2021  TEST DATES:








    MAP Testing, Grades 1 & 2 only





Pupil Records


    Parents are granted access to their child’s school records.  Parents who wish to see their child’s records should contact the office to arrange an appointment.  Records will be reviewed in the principal’s office in the presence of a school staff member.  Parents are required to sign a form indicating that records have been reviewed.



    The Washington Township Schools endorse a policy that recognizes the importance of regular, individually appropriate homework for all students.  Home study is seen as an integral part of each student’s educational program, thought the practice of skills, and the broadening of concepts and understandings introduced in the classroom.  A copy of the district Homework Policy may be obtained from the school.


    The responsibility and time allotments for homework are gradually increased from Grades K – 5.  Assignments are commensurate with the child’s ability and, generally follow these guidelines:


                Grade K. . . . . .Teacher’s discretion              Grade 3. . . . . . 30 – 45 minutes daily


                Grade 1. . . . . . 15 – 30 minutes daily           Grade 4. . . . . . 30 – 45 minutes daily


                Grade 2. . . . . . 15 – 30 minutes daily           Grade 5. . . . . . 45 – 60 minutes daily

Reporting Pupil Progress


    Report cards are issued three times a year for students in Grades Kdgtn. – 5 approximately every twelve weeks.    The report cards can be viewed on OnCourse Connect after you have signed in with your Username and Password.   The website is:  OnCourse Connect Login Page


    Parent conferences are scheduled for all students in November.  Parents can sign up for afternoon or evening conferences in their child's homeroom with their homeroom teacher prompted by a "Sign-Up Genius" email in October.  Additional parent-teacher conferences may be held at any time throughout the year, at the request of either party, but are not an automatic part of the reporting process.