English as a Second Language

  • For students of diverse linguistic backgrounds who require instruction in English, the Washington Township Schools are committed to helping English Language Learners through the English as a Second Language program. The district’s ESL teachers give students instruction in basic interpersonal communication skills as well as academic language needed for school success. The district’s ESL curriculum was recently updated and is based on the WIDA standards and researched practices to help children develop their English proficiency. Academic performance is fostered by teaching students to listen, speak, read, and write in a coordinated and contextualized program of instruction. To assist our students, our teachers bring a variety of resources together and infuse the use of technology into students’ language learning. Our district appreciates the value that our students bring to our schools with their cultural and linguistic diversity because they enrich our experience as a vital part of our learning community. Our ESL program strives to help students use the funds of knowledge that they bring with them to support and enhance their learning of English.