• When should I ask for assistance from I&RS?

    The point of intervention should be when specific, observable student behaviors, in combination with an objectively observed life skill deficiency, result in a pattern of academic, behavior or health difficulties.

    How does the process work?

    The team asks for relevant data pertaining to the child's difficulty. In a problem-solving manner a priority is selected, and an objective developed. Solutions are brainstormed, prioritized and mutually agreed upon. A plan is created, implemented and evaluated over an agreed upon period of time, after which a review meeting is held to determine the degree of success in achieving its outcomes, and the next course of action is determined.

    How do I initiate the process?

    The I&RS process begins when an educator who works with the student, or parent requests assistance by completing the Request for Assistance form available from your child's school. The form is then reviewed, the parent is notified and the student’s House leader sets a meeting date and time with the I&RS team.

    What is the goal of an I&RS plan?

    To maximize the chances for short-term success, as well as a long-term change in the individual. I&RS plans do not fail; they simply provide additional information to consider and guide us in our future work.