For the protection of our children, we must know all persons who are in the school building at all times.  All visitors must enter through the front entrance and ring the bell to the left of the door to be allowed into the building.  Lunches, books, sneakers, and other items to be delivered to children will be placed on the shelf in the vestibule and delivered to the child’s homeroom.    If staying for a period of time, parents must sign in, at which time they will be given a visitor’s badge and allowed through the second set of locked doors. 



    We do celebrate birthdays in school and your child may bring a non-edible treat to share.  Please do not send birthday party invitations to school to be given out.  They are often lost or discarded by the children because they don’t understand or it offends those who cannot be invited.  Early in the school year we provide a name, address and telephone number list of the children in your child’s class.  Please save this list for future reference.  New ones will be provided upon request or as class changes are made during the year. 



    A class list will be compiled and distributed in the beginning of the school year.  If, for any reason, you choose to have your child’s phone number and address removed from the list, please indicate so on the Photo & Class Release Form found here:  Class & Photo Release.



    The school laws of the State of New Jersey require that all schools hold at least one (1) fire drill each month of the school year.  An accurate record of the time of the drill and evacuation time must also be kept.  Children should leave the building quickly and quietly.  All individuals in the building at the time of the drill must exit the building.



    These monthly drills help students and staff practice emergency preparedness in which case the response will vary according to the type of drill being practiced.  Students and staff may or may not evacuate the building.  These procedures are typically used in situations where there is a pending danger to the school (threat of toxin, biological, weather, or radiation incident, etc.).  Students will be required to remain in their classrooms, report to the nearest teacher-supervised classroom or evacuate the building to ensure their safety.


    There is a Lost and Found box located in a bin near the office where students may claim lost articles.  Items left on buses will also be brought to the Lost and Found bin.    Please have all clothing (particularly outerwear) clearly marked with your child’s name!



    Individual photographs of all students will be taken on Wednesday, October 14th (Cohort B) and Thursday, October 15th (Cohort A), with picture retakes on December 2nd (Cohort B) and December 3rd (Cohort A).   In addition, Spring pictures will be taken on TBD. Parents will receive proofs within weeks of picture day.  Parents are under no obligation to purchase photographs.  Prices for individual pictures and class composites depend on the package selected.  Payment can be made either with check included in order or online at http://lifetouch.com/.   Packets may be returned for a refund if pictures are not satisfactory.



    The students may take a field trip during the school year, as part of their regular school program.  Parental permission slips will be sent home which need to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to school.  There may be a nominal fee associated with the field trip, which may be paid with a check or money order. 



    Every parent is given an opportunity at the beginning of the school year to purchase insurance covering any accidental injury to a child on school property, while traveling to and from school, or while on a school sponsored trip.  This insurance is available for all pupils and has been approved by the Board of Education.  Applications are available online at:   Student Accident Insurance.