District Goals 2016-2017


    2016-2017 School Year


    I.         Focus Area 1 ~ Student and Staff Development/Future Readiness: 


    1. Provide students with opportunities/experiences that foster the Three C’s of personal engagement: capable, connected, contributing.
    2. Implement the District’s new K-5 standards-based report cards in a manner that promotes faculty and parent understanding through active engagement.
    3. Implement the district’s new middle school science curriculum aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
    4. Design, for implementation in 2017-2018, the district’s elementary science curriculum ensuring alignment to the Next Generation Science Standards.
    5. Align district English/Language Arts and Mathematics curricula to the revised New Jersey Student Learning Standards (formerly New Jersey State Core Curriculum Content Standards).
    6. Maintain an acute focus on relevant, 21st-century lesson innovation as a means of promoting the skills necessary for success in our rapidly changing world.
    7. Continue district efforts to align and standardize special education practices and programming with a strong emphasis on promoting individual student success within the least restrictive environment.
    8. Create opportunities for faculty to engage in quality professional development reflective of the district’s Professional Development Plan and the individual needs of faculty and staff.
    9. Arrange opportunities for meaningful K-8 and K-12 professional program articulation for the benefit of coordinated K-12 curricula.



    II.          Focus Area 2 ~ Communications & Community: 

    1. Craft and launch new and improved websites for the Washington Township Schools, utilizing key features to provide relevant information to parents and community members.
    2. Design and deliver a series of parent education seminars relative to relevant school district programs and initiatives.
    3.  Utilize multiple communication vehicles for the purpose of broadly sharing school district information and news items with the immediate and greater school communities.
    4.  Assist community groups, when possible, with communicating information about their child-centered programs and activities.
    5.  Arrange opportunities for meaningful K-8 and K-12 professional program articulation for the benefit of coordinated K-12 curricula.
    6.  Continue to work in concert with the Washington Township Police Department, the Parent-Teacher Associations/Organization; the Long Valley Junior Women’s Club, the Washington Township MunicipalAlliance, and other community organizations to support the overall well-being of our community’s children.


    III.          Focus Area 3 ~  Operations (Finance, Personnel, & Facilities):

    1.  Develop a school budget for the forthcoming year that reflects a strong commitment to student programming/services and fiscal responsibility.
    2.  Revise the district’s Long-Range Facilities Plan as a means of maintaining high-quality school facilities.
    3.  Plan and strive for the successful completion of all employment contracts in preparation for the 2017-2018 school year.
    4.  Complete the installation and operation of the district’s solar energy project (BAC and LVMS).
    5.  Maintain an acute focus on attracting, developing, and retaining talented education professionals.
    6.  Strive for further efficiencies with regard to clerical tasks associated with school district management.



    Jeff Mohre

    Superintendent of Schools