District Goals 2017-2018


    2017-2018 School Year


    Focus Area 1:

    Student Learning & Development: Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development

    • Provide a wide-ranging system of curricular supports consisting of benchmarks, grade level expectations, interventions, curriculum, teacher professional development, and assessments to best ensure academic rigor and challenge for ALL
    • Implement newly revised curricula, the K-5 Next Generation Science Standards/New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NGSS/NJSLS) Science Curriculum and the K-8 English/Language Arts Curriculum, and ensure effective delivery via professional articulation/feedback, formal/informal observation of practice, professional development, benchmark assessments, and quality lesson design.
    • In recognizing that social and emotional learning is essential to academic success, the Washington Township Schools will feature educational programs and activities that support character education, positive school culture, and civic-mindedness.
    • Afford students opportunities for civic engagement that serve to equip and empower them to contribute positively to the local and greater community.
    • Continue district efforts to align and standardize special education practices and programming with a strong emphasis on promoting individual student success and independence within the least restrictive environment.
    • Provide meaningful opportunities for faculty to engage in quality professional development reflective of the district’s Professional Development Plan, District goals, and the individual needs of faculty and staff.


    Focus Area 2:

    Communications & Articulation

    • Cultivate opportunities for meaningful K-8 and K-12 professional program articulation for the benefit of furthering the coordination of student programming and services.
    • Ensure an ongoing, coordinated communications effort designed to foster awareness, understanding, and participation on the part parents and community members regarding the Washington Township Schools.


    Focus Area 3:

    Operations (Finance & Facilities)

    • Develop a school budget for the forthcoming year that reflects a strong commitment to student    programming/services and fiscal responsibility while reflecting current trends in student enrollment.
    • Explore and vet concepts that may further enhance overall operational efficiency related to the      comprehensive management of school district procedures and operations.
    • Continue to ensure that all school facilities and grounds reflect the District’s commitment to safety, cleanliness, and quality maintenance.



    Jeff Mohre
    Superintendent of Schools

    Board of Education Approved: September 12, 2017