Board of Education Goals - 2019-2020


    • The Washington Township Board of Education will work collaboratively with the WTEA to ratify a fair and equitable teacher’s contract by June 2020 and enable training and professional development for staff that cultivates a community of learners who strive for a positive school culture such as empathy, inclusiveness and equity.

    • Create a cost-effective budget that provides for educational resources as well as remedial support to foster the growth of the whole child and challenge each child to excellence. Continue to provide safe and healthy environment for learning, creativity, and engagement by supporting the fundamental needs for all students in order to maintain our ranking as a top tier school district by monitoring student achievement three times a year.

    • The Washington Township Board of Education will strive for continued professional development through workshops, training classes, etc. Each board member will complete at least one professional development initiative in the 2019-2020 school year. Board members will continue to look for opportunities to attend and be more visible at school events.

    • Enhance communication and relationships with internal (staff) and external (community) stakeholders. Continue to expand, refine, and utilize the district’s electronic presence (Facebook, Twitter, Google Classroom, district and school webpages, etc.) The Board of Education will evaluate, benchmark, and refine the district’s mission statement by March 1st.

    • Create a cost effective budget that provides for preventative maintenance and ongoing facilities improvements in all schools. Develop and begin implementation of a multi-year maintenance plan for the district. Create an actionable plan to develop a bond referendum to address building infrastructure, security, and health and safety needs.



    Approved by the Washington Township Board of Education – November 5, 2019